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Process of your Book

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This is how the process works:

  •  Send over your photos and agree on a quote.

  •  50% of deposit required before I start editing and designing.

  •  I will send over 3 cover designs for you to choose from.

  •  Once I have designed the book, I will send over the internals with the chosen cover to check before print.

  •  Any amends can be made here.

  • Designs are sent off to print and delivered around two weeks.

  • Final payment made once the book has been received. 
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Editing photos
As part of the package I will give your photos a general retouch. As you can see below, this involves lifting the brightness, contrast and saturation.  I may also convert to black and white if I feel it would work better in the photo book. 
Frequency Asked Questions    

Can you add in text or a contents page?

Yes, I can add text or create heading and contents pages. Please make sure you send the final text, not draft, as I will need to design accordingly. 
Where are you based?
I am based in Cheltenham and South London. 
Do I have to meet face-to-face?
Not necessarily. If you are happy to converse through email then that is fine. However, I do offer face-to-face meetings. 

What do the face-to-face meetings involve?
I come to your house and go through the process of sourcing your photos. We collect and download the photos for me to take away. Depending on how many hardcopy images you have, I can bring my scanner and scan them there and then. I will bring book samples and we will discuss the design and cover layout. I charge £15 per hour.

Will I see the design before it's printed?
Yes, before printing I will send you a pdf sample version. This will only have about 8/10 pages for you to confirm you are happy with the design and layout. Then we can steam ahead!

How long does a book usually take?
Including my hours and the printing,
around 3 weeks.  

How much do you charge?
This depends on a number of factors. I will need to know, how many photos you want, if you want text included, and what size book and quality of paper? Once I know these, I’ll send you a quote.

What does the quote include?

My hours and the cost of the book plus post and packaging.

How do I pay?

Through Paypal, Bacs or cheques. Once the price is agreed, I will require 50% of the fee before I start. The other half can be paid once you have received your book.

How do I send my photos to you?
Firstly, please make sure you have the original or high quality photos. Look for 'MB' size not 'KB' as this is too low. Secondly, do not send large files through your email as this will slow us both down. WeTransfer is an easy way to drop a file and send over to me. Alternatively, you can sign up free to Dropbox. This is a great way to create folders and share with me. I can help with any of this process!
Do you scan in hardcopy photos?
Yes. Images are charged £2 per scan. 
Will you retouch my photos?
Yes, depending on the photo and layout, I retouch all your photos with brightness, contrast, sharpening and changing some to black and white.

What is the process?
Once I have successfully downloaded your photos, I will retouch them, and make sure they are good quality. I then design them for the book and send off to get printed.