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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ella Leighton


  1. Bob Books
    09 Aug, 2017
    Bob Books
    Bob Books | The Wales Lay-flat Book bobbooks.co.uk I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bob Books this month. When Bob Books reached out to me, asking to try out their quality photo books, I thought what a great opportunity to try out a lay-flat book. Something I had seen at a few book and photography conventions over the years but never got round to doing. I now have a beautiful lay-flat book sitting on my desk that I would love to share with you all. This lay-flat book is perfect for when
  2. New Grey Study
    28 Feb, 2017
    New Grey Study
    We have a gorgeous new study room! It's gone from grubby pink to warm grey. The study has two occupants, my mother and I. My mother is a Professional Photographer, who does natural lifestyle baby and family photoshoots. Her gorgeous photos have been recognised by Nikon and the British Institute of Professional Photographers. She is now an award winning photographer! Laura Eperjesi Photography has been going for over 5 years now and has grown into a lovely community of families.  The second
  3. The Michalaks - YouTubers
    14 Feb, 2017
    The Michalaks - YouTubers
    .................................................... Hello readers, welcome to my Blog. From this day forward I am promise to blog more than just a few sentences! I'm motivating myself to write about things that inspire me, books I'm working on and for you get to know me more. Hopefully you will find something interesting along the way. Keep connected with me via social media, I would love to hear from you all. So today I am going to write about a big inspiration of mine. A family that have
  4. Mini_Travellers
    10 Feb, 2017
    A family's holiday to Greece, now in a bespoke book to cherish and share. Take the stress off doing it yourself, simply send me the photos and you can have a travel book as personal as you want hassle free! It's as simple as that. Here is the link to the review on Mini Traveller's Website.  The review talks about how easy Ella's Books is. Karen takes a lot of photos for personal and business use so when I approached her to design a photo book of her, she was immediately engaged. Here is a
  5. About Ella
    30 Jan, 2017
    About Ella
    Ella is a local book designer and part-time nanny. She’s inspired by quirky art films, London vintage shops and is a fanatic baker who is always looking for tasters!  Ella studied BA Book Art and Design at London College of Communication. She worked at a London Children’s Book Publishers and assists with her mum’s photography business, Laura Eperjesi Photography, which led her to start up Ella’s Books. Ella’s Books is a business that specialises in designing bespoke books using your
  6. CheltenhamMaman Blog!
    29 Jan, 2017
    CheltenhamMaman Blog!
    cheltenhammaman.co.uk/to-do-list-sort-through-my-photos TO DO LIST – SORT THROUGH MY PHOTOS How many lists of lists do we make? Whether it’s written on a scrap piece of paper or stored in our head, the lists never seem to end! I can understand that getting anything productive done with a mini person makes it even harder. So, let’s not feel guilty about outsourcing for help. Growing up my family and I travelled a lot. I was lucky enough to live in Paris, London, Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) and
  7. Winter Mornings
    25 Jan, 2017
    Winter Mornings
    Warm porridge this morning looking through our snowy family travel book to Budapest, Hungary. #snowy ❄️
  8. Motivational Monday
    16 Jan, 2017
    Motivational Monday
    Motivational Happy Monday Apparently today is 'Blue Monday' the most depressing day of the year for people in the Northern Hemisphere. Although the festive season is over and summer feels so far away... we have to appreciate the little things to keep us going! Like a cup of tea that feels like a warm hug
  9. Wedding Books
    12 Jan, 2017
    Wedding Books
    Valenties day is round the corner! Grab your wedding, honeymoon or anniversary photos and I will create a beautiful bespoke photo book for you. There's something about turning a page of a book that makes you relive that moment